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CNY Regional Market, Syracuse NY





Today I thought a little bit about dissonance, and nature in urban contexts.

flowers in single use plastics

symbols of beauty and symbols of toxic material systems

one bound in, and often by the other.


This is a complicated image (II) for me

here it is bright

but I think there could be images elsewhere

that might be very dark.


These dark places (I), where synthetic materials are born

might ask us to consider

what those sites (III) continue to expererience.






Below is an image of a quote, which I continue to read, again and again.



An image (II) of a passage.
Anuradha Mathur. "Recovering Ground: The Shifting Landscape of Dacca"

Landscape Transformed




Quote Transcribed


I am interested in challenging the
professional ‘viewing’ of landscapes
from those enclaves of specialization on
the one hand, and the hermetic
theoretical discourse on the other, that
are so prevalent today. I strive to
recover through design inquiry and
practice, landscapes that bring together
rather than polarize scientific, imaginative
and experiential dimensions. This
does not necessarily call for an
‘interdisciplinary approach’ where the
outcome can be described as comprehensive,
collaborative or a compromise.
Instead, it is a transdisciplinary one,
Where the act of ‘seeing’ landscapes in
new and alternate ways is constituted
Through artistic investigation.


Landscape architects often have
little tractile engagement with exploring
the real grounds of their intervention in
the process of design. Instead, the site is
Represented in other mediums – words,
Numbers, images and, primarily drawing.
How a medium is used depends on and
is affected by what landscape design is
perceived to be. The making of landscape
requires an engagement with
one’s ground, be it a drawing, a terrain
or a discourse which allows one to
explore and reveal – processes in process.

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