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This is a peice of writing inspired by Bettina Pittaluga's photograph Roxane & Baptiste.

Accessible here.


I think photographs are interesting for many reasons, one in particular is their ability to encapsulate universal threads, or marks in time, at the same moment they allow for one to think about what goes on around us, fragments of life that might feel more immediate.


I get a lot out of taking time to quietly admire the work of photographers, and its nice to remember the things we do that make us comfortably silent.


There is an image posted by Bettina Pittaluga titled Roxane & Baptiste.

It made me stop and hold my breath for more than a few moments.

For me, this photograph illustrates power through quiet strength, but I think there is something in this image for everyone.


More recently, I've spent some time with the peices featured in Photovogue. To find a page, or source to get lost in, in a sea of information, is a breath of air. It doesn't feel often that we are exposed to platforms featuring sheer feminine strength and beauty, at the same time also making a commentary on critically minded events highlighting people and place.


It's a source I'm looking forward to spending a great deal more time with. I think it could be interesting to see Photovogue edit, or altogether remake many of our history books. (his)tory.


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